Cowboy Christmas Dinner & Dance

Join us Friday, November 30, 2012, 6pm at La Fonda on the Plaza. Tickets $100.


WRCA Membership & WRCF Contributor Breakfast

If you are a member of the WRCA or a contributor/donator of the WRCF we would like to show appreciation by extending an invitation to a Cowboy breakfast. This is a great opportunity to fellowship with each other and learn more about the growth of both the WRCA & WRCF.  We ask that you RSVP by email or call the WRCA office no later than November 2nd! Join us as we celebrate you and some great country cookin’.

Phone:   (806) 374-9722

Where & When:
Sunday, November 11th @ 8:30a.m. – 10:00a.m.
Amarillo Civic Center – Hospitality Room (Regency Room)
Working Ranch Cowboys Association
408 SW 7th Avenue, Amarillo, Texas 79101

Liphatech’s® Rozol® Prairie Dog Bait approved for use in ten states. Updated label permits use with Mechanical Bait Placement Machines; label reinstated in MT, ND, NM, & SD.

Rozol Prairie Dog Bait (PDB),  a “Restricted-Use Pesticide”, has an updated Federal EPA, FIFRA Sec. 3 registration following a Biological Opinion completed by US Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS).  Additionally, the EPA issued a Supplemental Label, which must be in the user’s possession at the time of application, for mechanical baiting of product already in the chain of distribution. This supplemental label is valid until March 15, 2014.  Rozol PDB  can be easily distinguished by the bright green color scheme on its packaging.  Rozol PDB is offered in two packages:  a 30 lb. re-sealable pail and 50 lb. easy-to-dispose-of  bag.  There is no need to pre-treat, and its quick acceptance means less repeat applications, resulting in labor savings and a low applied cost per acre.


Rozol is an effective tool that landowners, ranchers and custom applicators can use to manage infestations of black-tailed prairie dogs, a range rodent that consumes up to two pounds of grazing grasses every week.  Under normal rainfall conditions, an active prairie dog colony can cut grazing capacity by over 50%, requiring ranchers to allocate up to 40 acres per steer, whereas un-infested rangeland can often carry a steer on only 10 acres.  Pastures with 20% prairie dog occupancy reduced the estimated value of livestock weight gain by over $14 per steer, while 60% occupancy reduced that value by $37 or more per steer.


New Label Requirements:  Rozol PDB’s label now has several new requirements to reduce potential risks to non-target and endangered species (ES).  In all areas users must follow the measures contained in the ES protection bulletin, for the county(s) where Rozol PDB will be applied, no more than 6 months prior to application and for the month of planned application.  Current county bulletins can be found by consulting or by calling 1-800-447-3813.  Liphatech may be holding a product stewardship educational presentation in your area.  Contact your local cattlemen’s association, county weed board, or Liphatech for more information.


In most areas, Rozol PDB can still be applied between October 1 and March 15.  In some ES areas, such as Preble’s Meadow Jumping Mouse or Grizzly Bear habitat, users must delay the start of baiting until Nov. 1 or Dec. 1, respectively.   In parts of southeastern NM and southwestern Texas – within the habitat of the Northern Aplomado Falcon – the USFWS must be notified prior to baiting.

 In Black-footed Ferret (BFF) reintroduction areas, on some tribal lands including the Blackfoot and Crow Reservations in MT, as well as in certain counties in NM, prairie dogs can no longer be managed using Rozol PDB.  If BFF’s are found before, during or after application, authorities must be notified to allow for ferret capture and relocation.


Application Timing:  Ranchers are encouraged to bait early, or during snow melt-offs, before cold or recurring snow cover makes bait application more difficult.  Rozol PDB is a “Restricted Use Pesticide” requiring applicators to be state-licensed to purchase and apply product.  The list of states approving the use of Rozol PDB includes: Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New MexicoNorth Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming, (new states).

Application Methods:  Ranchers find that Rozol Prairie Dog Bait is easy to use, with treatment involving the placement of ¼ cup of bait at least six inches down active burrows.  Application may be made by hand, or (NEW) by using a mechanical bait application machine that is designed, constructed and operated in a manner that ensures the bait is properly placed and that the proper amount of bait is dispensed.  For users possessing older product packaging without this mechanical baiting language, a supplemental label is available from dealers, or from  www.liphatech.comSupplemental labels must be in the applicator’s possession at the time of bait application.

After Application:  Applicators must now return to treated areas within 4 days and perform carcass searches using a line-transect method that completely covers the baited area, every 1-2 days for at least two weeks.   Applicators must also immediately bury any PD carcasses found, and notify the appropriate authorities if any dead or dying non-target animals are found.  It is the user’s responsibility to read the Rozol PDB label carefully, completely and to follow all label information.

About Liphatech
Headquartered in Milwaukee, Liphatech has a long history of advancing the science of rodent management through research and product innovation.  Combining the most advanced technology available with the highest level of customer service, product stewardship, and technical support, Liphatech delivers solutions that allow growers, landowners and certified applicators to quickly achieve the cost-effective management of rodent populations.

Liphatech specializes in servicing agricultural and animal health markets, in addition to pest management professionals.  Liphatech’s Ag/AH product line includes:  FastDraw®Hombre™, BootHill®, and Gunslinger® rodenticides, as well as fastest-to-service Aegis® tamper-resistant bait stations.  Bait formulations include:  soft bait, treated grains, manufactured mini-blocks, bulk pellets, and pellet-place-packs.  For more information about Liphatech and its comprehensive line of products, call 888-331-7900or visit